Daisuke Wakabayashi for WSJ:

Nintendo slashed its sales outlook in the wake of disappointing holiday demand for its new Wii U videogame console, which it had been banking on to rekindle consumer excitement.

For the current fiscal year to March, Nintendo now expects an operating loss of ¥20 billion, compared with an earlier projection for an operating profit of ¥20 billion.

Yikes. Hate to say “I told you so” here, because I love Nintendo. But the writing has been on the wall for a while. I just don’t see how Nintendo stays in the hardware business.

Yes, yes, you could have said the same about Apple way back when. But the difference here is that it’s not about mismanagement. The world has simply changed.

We’ll see how Microsoft and Sony fare later this year, but I’m pretty bearish on stand-alone gaming consoles. Microsoft is wise to make the Xbox more of an “entertainment hub”, and less about pure gaming.

I just wonder how long it will take the very proud Nintendo to license out their games. If I were Apple, I would give them a blank check for iOS exclusives on Mario, Zelda, etc. Apple is all about making moves to sell hardware — imagine how much hardware such a move would sell.

"Nintendo. Doomed since 1999." Having seen this show before numerous times, I’m not even remotely concerned. Especially not two and a half months after a system launch. It’s way too early for the annual "Nintendo should go 3rd party" lines.

Now if I were a gamer who was concerned about any of the three major console makers struggling in the near future, Sony would be the one I’d have my eye on. Sony’s PlayStation division hasn’t been lighting the world on fire, which considering the state of Sony as a whole, isn’t good news. With a pending arms race with Microsoft on the horizon, Sony may be sharpening their own sword to fall on. And unlike Nintendo, Sony doesn’t have well-selling portable to help shore up any shortfalls.

Between tablets, consoles, portables, mobile devices, the return of the PC, and new competitors like the Ouya and NVidia’s “Project Shield,” it’ll be interesting to see what companies are left standing at the end of the upcoming gaming generation.

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    There are important points here. I am an Apple/iOS customer who after playing a bunch of iPad games, decided that I’m...
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    1) Nintendo is still very much an Eastern-style company whereas Apple is a very Western company. A merger or a takeover...
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    Unfortunate that now our biggest game console company is unable to get its product off the shelves
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    "Nintendo. Doomed since 1999." Having seen this show before numerous times, I’m not even remotely concerned. Especially...
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    Poor Nintendo. I do love them so, but the audience they have catered to for so many years has simply moved over other to...
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    I disagree (although I would love Nintendo on iOS). The Wii sold well, considering that the console market is not at its...
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    Apple could buy them out and shut down their hardware division. Then make a respectable official set of hardware...
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    Great points. A lot could be said for the kind of money Nintendo could be looking at in licensing those kinds of...
  15. bill said: The heavily-curated aspect of both ecosystems (Apple and Nintendo) would make for a good pairing, as well.
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